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Final Beach Walk

on March 8, 2013

beach walk last

Things warmed up here on Tuesday, which is when we hit the beach, but beyond that the winds and the chill have stuck around. Wednesday was very windy. So windy we never even made it in the pool. I was determined to hit both the beach and the pool on our last day, even if that meant a chilly morning beach walk.

delaney hoodie

Delaney was not thrilled. She demanded a short walk, but once we got going we all realized a short walk was in our best interest. The breeze was brisk!


We found a dead crab and a dead fish though, so at least we had some interesting treasures on the walk.

caden hoodie

We headed indoors after this for some coffee and ice cream. The wind died down and the sun warmed up and we were able to hang at the pool for the rest of the day and bask in the sun (with spf 70 on so we wouldn’t burn). This possibly wasn’t the warm weather vacation we were hoping for, but we did have a blast, and our weather was miles better than the huge snowstorm we had back in MN.

One response to “Final Beach Walk

  1. Laura Case says:

    Oh man, when we’ve gone out to our beach house, we’ve gone on walks when it is 40 and the wind is HOWLING. Everything is better on the beach, always. (I give them ring pops during the walk so they aren’t as grumpy.) Sad you didn’t get better weather!

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