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Lanterns Rise on Faith

on March 6, 2013

lantern 1

When discussing what cool things we could do in Florida for the girls birthday, my cousin Alyssa mentioned lighting lanterns on the beach. Since Delaney really wanted to be on the beach at nighttime (request #2 right after picnic lunch on the beach), floating lanterns would be perfect. Plus, Tangled right? I love that scene at the end. So pretty.

lantern 2

I ordered these ‘sky lanterns’ off Amazon because they got great reviews. But, the beach is windy this time of year and they were proving very difficult to light. My dad wanted us to bail and light them by the pool, but Amanda persevered and finally got one to light. Delaney made her wish as we held on to it, waiting for the heat to lift the lantern. (The directions were in Chinese, so we weren’t entirely clear on the process.)

lantern 3

But it wasn’t going anywhere, so finally we just released it into the night, hoping it would find a gust of wind and go. It skipped a bit on the sand, as I chased it hoping for the best.

lantern 4

And then it took off. It just floated into the sky. By this time a group of about 15 other people were watching us and everyone cheered. Delaney was Thrilled! It was by far the coolest thing I’ve seen. We didn’t think it would go anywhere, but it floated! Off into the sky!

lantern 7

And then it was Caden’s turn. We learned from the first lantern and lit this one behind a cabana where there was less wind.

lantern 6

As it caught fire Caden made her wish, hanging on to the edge ready to release it. We waited and waited for the heat to make it rise, thinking again that it just wasn’t going to happen. We finally released it and once again, it skipped across the sand. Amanda and I chased it, finally catching the edge to give it a boost.

lantern 8

And up it went. Again, an unforgettable moment. Wishes and dreams really do come true.

2 responses to “Lanterns Rise on Faith

  1. How cool. I’ve always wanted to see those in person.

  2. Grammy says:

    It was an amazing sight! So glad we didn’t give up. Now if only their wishes come true

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