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Beach Walks

on March 5, 2013

laney run

Being out of commission for a day means there is a lot of this, one of the girls running to me. She started out running towards the ocean with Grampy, but couldn’t bear to be too far from me.

beach walk

Last year my parents went on a beach walk every morning, ending at our hotel room as we were eating breakfast. We did beach walks, but moreso in the afternoons I think?

caden sun

This year we’ve been heading out in the mornings. It’s cold, but bundled up it’s not so bad.

caden wet 2

My girls are water girls though, so even the chill doesn’t keep them out of the ocean. Caden was practically hip deep! But thrilled to be there.

delaney sun

Pool pictures are fine, but everyone looks a little green and they are never what I want them to be. So I was super happy to get to the beach and be able to capture the ocean, sand and sky. Even in bright sunlight, I’ll take it!

caden wet

The girls have quite the collection of sea shells already. They have grand plans for shell crafts, we’ll see what we can actually pull together. (I’m thinking sea shells on a picture frame?)

chase birds

Today is supposed to be 77 and we’re rejoicing! Please let it be warm enough that we can spend the day at the beach!

3 responses to “Beach Walks

  1. LauraC says:

    This reminds me so much of home. Hahahaha since it is close to my home. Sorry you’re having unseasonably cool temperatures!

  2. ethandrew says:

    That beach looks beautiful! Where are you guys at?

  3. Scott says:

    Erin, who is the blond with the girls?

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