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A Comedy of Errors

on March 4, 2013

caden swim

First off, it’s cold down here. Even when the sun is out, there is a brisk breeze. And so, we have done morning beach walks, but are spending most of our time at the pool since it’s sheltered from the wind.

laney pool

I thought it might take a bit for the girls to get their swimming groove back, but it hasn’t at all. They jumped in and swam like it hasn’t been 9 months since they’ve seen a pool.

laney swim

Their swimming and diving skills are growing by leaps and bounds down here. Delaney can swim underwater for 10 seconds or so. She would swim towards my dad, turn around, then push off of him, and swim back to the steps. Caden figured out how to point her head down and kick hard to get to the bottom of the pool where her dive toys are.

squirt gun fight

Despite the chill, we’ve made the best of things. Of course to throw one more wrinkle into things, I got food poisoning Saturday evening. We were out to dinner and I realized “Oh no, I’m going to be sick.” I spent the next nine hours throwing up. The girls were scared, they’d never seen me sick like that before. But, at least I was around family and friends who could pitch in so I could be sick in relative peace and get whatever sleep I could. Delaney was so nervous that I would be sick on her birthday. I felt amazingly well Sunday morning, and ate slowly and carefully. I needed a few naps to get through the day, but I made it.

2 responses to “A Comedy of Errors

  1. I’d love to go swimming in March! Looks like fun.

    Glad you had help while you we’re sick.

  2. Sue Zarn says:

    Was great fun being with you and the girls and Amanda if even for a short while.

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