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Make a Wish

on February 27, 2013

birthday girls

Sure I’m dragging this out for one more post! We did cake and presents and singing at my brother’s house. I feel like this is the one part that has gotten rushed through for 90% of their parties.


We even blew out candles twice because the first time Caden was a little slow. We only sang Happy Birthday once, so on their actual birthday I’ll make sure we sing it twice.


After dinner we headed to the local hibachi place. My brother and nieces had never been and I was super excited for them since we love it so much. They were running behind (aren’t they always?) but we got an awesome chef who made everyone laugh. The three 5-year-olds sat together and I’m not sure they even talked. They just shoveled fried rice with shrimp sauce into their mouths! It was the perfect family birthday dinner. A little entertainment, and amazing food!

2 responses to “Make a Wish

  1. boasorte911 says:

    These two beautiful kids are the Happiness! have a good day from Italy!!

  2. Hibachi sounds like an excellent way to spend your birthday!

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