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The Birthday Cake

on February 25, 2013

I think it might be birthday week around here. Or maybe the posts won’t last a week? Well, we’ll see if we can stretch this out. Otherwise I’ll just talk about packing for vacation and how fun is that? Not fun.

I’ve been mostly focused on the next event, while still trying to make sure I was planning for whatever was beyond that. Except I clearly wasn’t doing a very good job because I tried to order from Oriental Trading about a week too late (Florida birthday party supplies) and I realized rather belatedly that I did not have a cake plan for their Minnesota birthday. I vaguely thought about buying a cake, but I really do love baking and decorating cakes. This wasn’t an all out, two cake affair. Just a simple cake. A cake so simple, the girls helped me bake and frost it.

I was inspired by this Pinterest shot, and knew I had the perfect white party cake recipe in my arsenal. Seriously, that cake practically screams springtime with the lemon and the raspberry. Skip the coconut and go with sprinkles instead and you have this:

cake 3

We baked the cake Friday night, frosted it Saturday morning after dance class. The girls were very involved with this one. I cut out the 5 (Note to others, if your cake is 9″, make sure your number is 8″ or smaller. I had to cut mine down a bit.) and they did the sprinkles.

cake 1

I went back in after lifting the 5 off and added some sprinkles. You really need solid sprinkle coverage or you can’t see the number very clearly.

cake 2

It was the perfect birthday cake for them. They helped make it, and it was delicious! Both girls had slices Saturday at their party, and asked for cake twice on Sunday!

One response to “The Birthday Cake

  1. Grammy says:

    Best cake ever!!!!

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