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Cooking Dinner

on February 18, 2013


One of those pieces of advice you hear over and over is that if your kids are picky eaters, have them help you make dinner! They’ll totally eat anything they make! Not true. At least not for us. My kids have helped me in the kitchen since they’ve been able to stir, and it rarely meant that they ate whatever new concoction they helped cook.


Until now. Soup. We’ve been making it every Sunday. It’s a nice winter meal, and there is generally enough that I have some for lunch the next day. Even better, there are usually vegetables in soup. Sometimes a lot of vegetables!


Caden helped me with the soup this week. There were carrots in the soup, and she ate another as she stirred. She didn’t eat a ton at dinner, but she did try a few bites which is more than she’ll do with many things. Delaney loved this cream of broccoli soup so much she asked for seconds!

2 responses to “Cooking Dinner

  1. Grammy says:

    She’s ready for Mardi Gras with the beads!

  2. Kyla says:

    It’s a rare day I can’t tell the girls apart in a picture, but in the 1st & 2nd, I really thought she was Delaney!

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