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Valentine’s Prep

on February 13, 2013


I’m not a huge fan of store bought Valentines. They are all so similar, how do you pick? And what if you pick the same as three other kids in your class? Luckily for me, Pinterest is full of fun Valentine’s ideas. I dismissed a lot based on how difficult the candy would be to find/buy, and how fancy the cut out was. I loved that this is a glow stick and not candy, and it was an easy printable to cut out.

Everyone kept talking about finding glow sticks in their Target’s dollar section, but I never saw them. I ordered mine off Amazon and hoped they were good quality. They are, but they are also way too long!

I ordered Valentine’s cards with the girls picture on them from Mpix, and thought I would tuck the glow stick inside that envelope (you have to write the recipient’s name on something right?) Of course the glow sticks are too long and don’t fit in the envelope. After much debate I’m going to tape the glow stick to the outside of the envelope. I haven’t assembled everything yet because I’m terrified this is going to be a cluster and the glow sticks will fall off, they will be giant and unwiedly and the girls won’t be able to get them into their classmates boxes, and then no one will see the terribly cute Valentines I put together! I may bribe the teachers to make sure things stay intact.

Speaking of the teachers, I bought small soy candles from Target (on sale!) and then taped the signed glow card around the candle. The sentiment works for both glow sticks and candles don’t you think?

2 responses to “Valentine’s Prep

  1. LauraC says:

    Team store bought ALL THE WAY.
    24 kids in Nate’s class + 24 kids in Alex’s class this year. We’re coming home with 48 Valentines. Basically there are 2-3 parents per room in the homemade category…. and everything ends up in recycling at the end.

  2. Grammy says:

    So much more creative than the little candy hearts we used to tape to the envelopes.

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