The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Do they know?

on February 8, 2013

My uncle Scott asked a question in the comments the other day – Erin, do the girls read “The Munchkins”? And, at what point do you need to consider this?

To answer the first question, no, they don’t read the blog. They are not aware of it, they have no idea what blogs are. A few times I’ve shown them pictures, but they just don’t get it at this age. At some point in the future I’ll tell them about it, but I’m waiting until they get a better understanding of the internet.

Do I consider them when I’m writing posts? Absolutely. If you’ve noticed, there have been a lot more posts about me, photography, the dog, and cooking in the last year. Part of it is that there isn’t always a cute story every day to post (or a cute picture), and part of it is that I do respect their privacy and choose not to post about certain things happening in their lives. As they grow older, that list of censored items will likely grow, and at some point I’ll definitely ask their permission before posting specific stories.

I do think mommy blogs take a certain hit from a certain crowd, mainly with the belief that at some point kids will grow up and be mortified that their mother wrote all of these stories about them and posted them for everyone to read. I’m sure there are kids that will be mortified, but so much of everyone’s lives are on the internet now anyway, I don’t think it will be an issue. Maybe they’ll even think it’s cool that everything is documented in one place! But, our life does not revolve around this blog, I’m not setting up shots throughout the day in order to post nonstop to social media, and I just don’t have enough readers to really worry about that side of things.

I write this blog for meand for our friends and family. I like that it forces me to take pictures of what’s going on in our lives. Without it would I have bough a dslr camera and pursued that? Probably not. And that would be sad because I love the pictures I’ve taken of the girls.

So yes, a day is coming when they will figure this out and have some input, but we’re not quite there yet.

2 responses to “Do they know?

  1. Grammy says:

    Reading this blog is the highlight of my day. It’s such a wonderful way to stay in touch with the St. Louis Park gang. So many treasured memories and photos.

  2. Bobbi says:

    I read this blog every day that you post and love it. Love to see the pics of the kids and hear about their events. As a single mom (years ago) it is fun to read how you do it with twins. Your post does make me think however how my grands will respond to me sharing information about them as they get older on my own blog.

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