The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Many Small Things

on February 7, 2013

* I realize I just discussed this yesterday, but it very much hit me last night that Caden is really Growing. Like stretching out, filling out, how on earth did her hair get so long kind of growing. I need to measure them soon, because I don’t feel like Delaney has gone through this same thing, so I’d love to know how their heights match up now compared to in a few months.

* Re: the iPods, the girls could call my mom but she couldn’t call them, so I did what any good project manager would do and asked my team to help me figure it out. My coworker has an iPhone so after batting around a few ideas with the team, we tested them out. I joked that Caden would soon FaceTime her, only to have her come into my office yesterday morning and tell me Caden had called her six times the previous night. Oops! I thought she was trying to call Grammy! And she sent her some messages. We have since had a conversation about which contact is Grammy, and which is Mommy’s friend.

* Gymnastics has started up again. The nanny took them last week and reported that they did the exact same things they’ve been doing all year. I kind of knew this would happen, but I very vaguely contemplated pulling them out. But, after class last night I will absolutely keep them in their class. They adore their teacher, and even though they’ve done all these things a million times, they still smile and get excited. Next time I definitely need to register early and move them up a level though!

* Delaney has quite a few pairs of shoes, but only a few pairs that she wears frequently. We finally talked about it and I realized most of her shoes are too big for her! I bought up a little bit in size last fall, only to realize now that her feet just haven’t grown. The sandals I bought her a year ago still fit her with some room! Oops?

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