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Life with identical twins

Turning the Corner

on February 6, 2013

caden val close 2

I would say things have been better around our house since the new year. Much better since just before my trip. As we turn this corner towards five, it’s so interesting to watch their fears melt away, and big girl personalities emerge from the fray.

caden val close

This kid is definitely going through a growth spurt. She’s clocking in at a solid 35.5 pounds, is growing like a weed, and definitely needs her sleep. She also sings nonstop. I think she thinks she’s in an episode of glee! She’s just so happy right now. She’s happy to go to daycare, happy to be picked up, happy to go to bed, happy to wake.

delaney val lashes

Delaney is turning into such a little adult. She’s so an oldest child! (Don’t let people fool you, even if it’s only by a minute, it’s a real thing.) She really understands cause and effect right now, and seems to understand how her actions have consequences on the people around her. She’s very conscious of having good bedtimes and sleeping in her own bed when I need my sleep. She’s always aware of everyone’s mood around her, and does what she can to make them happy or make them smile.

laney valentines 1

She looks so tired in this picture. It was a rough day for her, and she was such a trooper, but you can really see the toll things took on her in this shot. The upside of this photoshoot is that now she gets it. She asks about future photoshoots, and remembers past photoshoots we did. I have a feeling she’s going to help me out with some amazing setups in Florida!

**I was going to wait to post the shots I used for cards until after Valentine’s Day, until I realized that none of you are in their daycare classes and won’t be receiving a Valentine from them!

3 responses to “Turning the Corner

  1. Audrey says:

    Love your photos – your girls are adorable. Watching them grow and mature is such a treat and such an incredible process. Love also how aware you are of their different personalities, shifting stages and moods, abilities, etc.

  2. Grammy says:

    I usually think the girls look so very different, but these photos definitely shout “Identical Twins!” And so adorable I want to hug my screen.

  3. Scott says:

    I agree Kathy, I had to look twice to tell them apart. They both are stunning!
    Erin, do the girls read “The Munchkins”? And, a what point do you need to consider this?

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