The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on February 5, 2013

I’ll freely admit I am not an Apple girl. My iPod is insanely old, and my smartphone is an Android. The girls’ iPod touches connect to the wireless, so I thought maybe they would be able to FaceTime with my mom (who has an iPhone). However, I had no idea how FaceTime worked, and at the time my mom had an older iPhone so she didn’t know how it worked either. Saturday evening Caden was playing with her iPod when suddenly I heard my mom’s voice. WTH?

Caden had figured out how to call my mom on FaceTime! I had put her contact info in at some point, and Caden figured out the rest. It was super fun for the girls, although they both wander nonstop while talking, so it’s hard for my parents to really see them consistently.

We figured it out on Delaney’s iPod as well, so now they both call at least once a day. When Delaney got off the phone last night she said “That was the best! I miss them, so it’s nice to see them.”

This may be what pushes me from Android to an iPhone next fall.

4 responses to “FaceTime

  1. Audrey says:

    Amazing how technology can keep us connected! Also how overwhelming it all is to learn. Here’s a place where we can definitely learn from our kids!! I love Facetime – that’s one thing I have figured out, sort of.

  2. Laura Case says:

    So… we are a techie family. I will ALWAYS use Windows for work, for photography, etc. But you can not beat the ease of use of Apple products! And seriously, the apps for the iphone make it amazing…. and iMessage (texting between Apple products) is free, so I text like crazy!! Jon and I have iphones and I would never go back.

    We FaceTime with the grandparents and they love it.

  3. Jara says:

    I love Facetiime! I am a good 18 drive from my Mom and haven’t gotten to “see” her in over a year. But with Facetime I am able to talk and see her. The kids love being able to talk to her. I was even able to be a part of Christmas this year 🙂 My sister called me right before the started opening gifts. So I was able to see all of my family open and enjoy the gifts we sent them 🙂

  4. Grammy says:

    Last night when Delaney told Grampy, “You are my favorite. I love you.”, he just beamed. Now we won’t talk about the goofy faces and sounds they make on Facetime. Amazing that Caden figured this out. We love being able to see them and the floor and the walls:)

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