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Crazy Week

on February 1, 2013

I had a business trip out to California earlier this week. I haven’t traveled for work in over a year except for a one day trip last summer, so this trip threw us all for a loop. Delaney had a rough few days when she first found out that I had a trip, lots of crying and stomping of feet. Caden did okay, but every night would say “Is this the LAST night you’ll sleep with us?”

For me, it wasn’t so much this trip, as the fact that travel will be a frequent thing now. Things are (hopefully) expanding at my client, which means I need to be in California more and more often. The plan is to be out there every month, or every two. Hopefully the trips will just be one or two days, but they could be longer if I’m kicking off a project.

I’ll be honest, I did quite a bit of soul searching on this one, mostly because I really was very emotional about this trip. Can I do this? Do I want to? In order to advance my career, I need to. Would I be happy in five years doing just what I am today? The answer to that is no, I wouldn’t be happy. I’m ambitious and I love what I do, and it’s exciting to have new doors that are opening up. If I’m going to do this, I want to enjoy it and appreciate it though. So even though I was tired and sad, I made an effort to have fun as well. Dinner out with my favorite client at an amazing restaurant. Wandering Pasadena instead of sitting in my room working.

I think some of the anxiety before the trip is getting everything organized. Typing up instructions for the nanny, getting meals organized, cleaning the house. Hopefully if the travel is more frequent, we’ll get into more of a routine with this side of things.

I’ll be honest, I’ve read and reread this post five times now, trying to decide if I’ve said too much or not enough. If my boss read this would he be angry? No, we discussed all of this on the 3 hour drive up to LA. While I want to be respectful of my job, I think it’s important to talk about Having It All and what that means, because somewhere, somehow you will make sacrifices. When I had my kids I took a step back from my career and played it safe for a few years. Now things are ramping up again and at every step I have to evaluate and decide if this is the right decision for my family. If the travel becomes too much, I will absolutely step back. I don’t want to miss my kids childhood.

2 responses to “Crazy Week

  1. Laura Case says:

    I don’t think you’ve said too much. Jon and I have had the same conversations because he travels, and we actively discuss whether this is too much for the boys and for me. I’ve kind of taken the hit in my career because we can’t both travel (or we could but we don’t want that) and some days, it has been hard seeing him make leaps and bounds over me. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to be the one on the road.

    PS. I went to college in Pasadena, so it will always have a special place for me. As does In N Out!!

  2. Audrey says:

    Working and family; family and working: Each Mom has to decide what works best for her and her family. There is no one formula for how much to work or travel that will fit everyone. But no matter what choices people make, there are usually compromises in effect along the way. The challenge for many women is to find some kind of comfortable balance between being able to be home with kidsas a loving mother while still maintaining a career, not giving up totally on either. As you say, whatever choices are made are not etched in stone and reviewing the current balance often can help keep us focused on our ultimate goals for family and work.

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