The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Snowball Fight

on January 30, 2013

caden snow 1

It has been bitterly cold lately. Way too cold for the girls to have much outside playtime. Sunday it was 30 degrees out, which felt practically balmy compared to below zero. I headed outside with Caden who immediately wanted to have a snowball fight. Kid’s got a decent arm!

caden snow 2

It was snowing the big, beautiful kind of flakes. Unfortunately, Caden was over any photo suggestions so I put my camera away and threw the dog’s ball for her.

lucy snow

Oh Lu. She was so happy to be outside and be running around. The bunnies that live under my deck are going to drive her insane though.

delaney snow_

Delaney finally joined us and joined immediately in the snowball fight. It was all fun and games until Caden threw one right at my camera. Perfect aim. And then we all went inside.

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