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Valentine’s Photo shoot

on January 29, 2013

Last year we did a photoshoot with our favorite photographer right around this time. It was so nice to have gorgeous pictures to use for Valentine’s cards and birthday things, I knew I needed to do another one this year. Our photographer offered another mini session, but I want to do a big family session early this summer, so I didn’t want to drop a bunch of cash on pictures right now. So I planned my own Valentine’s photo shoot!

I went pretty basic. The screen porch white wall has served me well in the past. I love the colored lights, but covered them with cut out paper hearts. I went for the bokeh look, so they didn’t need to be perfect. I curled the girls hair, put them in pink(ish) dresses, turned on the heater, and took these as quickly as I could before they froze.

caden valentines 3

Caden isn’t always willing to have her picture taken, but she was super into it today. She’d already given me a million smile pictures, so we went for a little more serious. This one kills me. With her curls, she looks like she has so much hair!

laney valentines 2

Delaney was so tired. She’s had a rough weekend. I got one kind of smile out of her, but she wasn’t into it. Just after this she asked to take a nap and fell asleep on the couch. Poor thing.

valentines together 4

Oh these two. Just after this I got them laughing, but at this point Delaney was still not convinced about any of it.

4 responses to “Valentine’s Photo shoot

  1. Laura Case says:

    Love the outtakes!

  2. Grammy says:

    You captured them! At least there are no tiny tears.

  3. […] the pictures are cute, but they are nowhere near last year’s pictures. Caden’s card is set, but Delaney wants me to take some new pictures for her. I also need to […]

  4. […] valentine ideas are so adorable I cannot resist, and the photoshoots I’ve done the last two years are my winter photographic push, so which to not do? Hopefully next year I can find a better way to […]

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