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Who saw this coming?

on January 24, 2013

The girls bedtimes have been amazingly good lately. I prefer not to look a gift horse in the mouth and just kept my head down about this new trend, when Delaney announced they were having good bedtimes because long ago I had told them they could get bunk beds once they started obeying the bedtime rules. She wants a bunk bed and she wants one badly. That kid never forgets anything.

My original plan was to switch them to bunk beds next summer. Let’s be honest, the closer we can get to six, the better off we’ll be. Then again, if they can do flying tricks in the dark, they can probably maneuver a ladder just fine.

I’ve reassessed to maybe June? Maybe earlier. I’m back out on the internets doing some research and pinning what I find. There are a few Land of Nod duvet covers I like, but I would really like to see them in person before I buy, and they don’t have stores. Pottery Barn of course has gorgeous bedding. I found four or five that I like so the girls and I are going to head over there this weekend to check it out. I’m not opposed to buying bedding now so I can start coordinating colors and accessories, especially if they’re on sale. Although truthfully, I’d probably wait until February to obey the No Spend Month.

Does anyone out there have Pottery Barn kids furniture? Is it worth the extra expense? Because I love their Catalina bunk bed, but it’s twice the cost of everything else I’m looking at. On the flip side, those beds would last them through high school.

2 responses to “Who saw this coming?

  1. Jill says:

    Pippa and Truman have the Catalina Camp beds. I’m really happy with them. We also have one if the Cameron bookshelves.

    I got their bedding at PBK as well. I had my eye on a couple combinations and waited for them to clearance at the season change. The bedding is amazingly durable! We’ve had a few stomach bugs come thru and the comforters don’t show signs of their frequent washing at all.

    Good luck!

  2. LauraC says:

    Nate has this set in his room and we love it. Half the price of PB!

    They can be unbunked to be two twin beds. The nice part about Rooms to Go is they have the beds on display so you can check them out. We liked the set so much we got Alex a full set (non-bunk) of the same furniture.

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