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Life with identical twins

Take what you can get

on January 11, 2013

First off, Lucy is recuperating fairly well. I don’t think she’s in any pain, and her incision looks great. I’ve been vaguely worried about drainage and swelling, so it will be nice to have her looked at today. I put her cone on her yesterday afternoon to try to get her used to it and she seriously just stood in one place. I tried to leave her alone to see if she would figure it out, but would find her with her head stuck in the weirdest places. I’m not hopeful.

caden crazy 2

Caden isn’t crazy about being photographed most days. I try not to push it, but it does suck to not have a family Christmas picture for the third year in a row.

caden crazy 3

So when she’ll willingly pose for me, even if it’s silly faces?

caden crazy

I take it. She’s a silly girl, so these moments are important to capture too.

One response to “Take what you can get

  1. Grammy says:

    So very Caden!

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