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Lucy Lu

on January 10, 2013

On Tuesday Lucy had surgery to remove a large fatty tumor that was growing on her side. It was a bit of a last minute thing. I have Lucy on the wellness plan at the vet, which means twice a year she goes in for an entire day of tests and anything else she needs. It’s on the expensive side, but she’s getting old and this gets her all of the care she needs at a good price. When I picked her up I asked for a price on getting the tumor removed. Turns out she needed to be put under anesthesia to have her teeth cleaned (part of the wellness plan, so totally covered) so to remove the tumor would be just a bit more (okay more than a bit). They wanted to clean her teeth pronto, so we scheduled it.

Had I had to schedule a tumor removal surgery, who knows if it would have happened. Since we were bundling it, I just did it. To be fair, the tumor wasn’t bothering her, nor was it a medical issue. But I hated it, and I felt like at some point it would bother her or become an issue with walking, so I wanted it out. Knowing what I know now would I do this again? I don’t know.


I did some horrible cloning in Lightroom to try to make this picture not so gross. But, you can see how much they had to shave, and about how big her incision is. I’d say it’s 8 inches across? She has two drains in which come out on Friday. We are supposed to keep her quiet for two weeks (she is already wanting to chase bunnies and her ball so this should be fun) and wear the Cone of Shame 24/7.

Well the cone is already off. She was so stressed by it and she isn’t bothering her incision, so off it went. It will have to go on again soon though. I talked with a girlfriend today and she said it took her dog about 24 hours to not be so anxious, and another 24 hours to figure out how to get around the house with it, so I know it can be done. I stayed home with her Wednesday, and am home again today, but after that she’ll have to wear it during the day and at night. If she can’t get used to it, I’ll rig up some sort of t-shirt to cover things so she can’t lick. The last thing I want is that incision ripped open, so I’m going to be as rigorous with this as I can be.

Caden was super freaked out by the shaved fur and incision. I don’t blame her, it’s a lot to take in. Delaney is a total mother hen. She checks on Lu, feeds her, calms her down, and helps me ice things to keep the swelling down. It’s terribly sweet.

5 responses to “Lucy Lu

  1. Grammy says:

    I can hardly stand to look at this photo, but know Lucy is in good hands. She will be happy this summer to have that tumor out and can chase those bunnies all day long.

  2. Julie Howard says:

    If the cone is really impeding her movement (it looks like it extends way past her chin), you can cut it back to be just long enough she can’t get around it to lick. That should help.

  3. Ann Marie says:

    Aw poor girl 😦 Like a 3rd child to worry about !

    • Poor Dog- I feel your pain Erin. Last year our Dog Pepper had a cut in her tail that would not heal or go away and we had to finally get 1/2 of it cut off and she was 9. She had to wear the cone forever and she hated it and figured out how to get it off. We ended up getting one at Fleet Farm that was called the Cozy Cone and this was smaller and not plastic. She kept this one because the whole thing lasted for over a month. Good luck and hope it goes better:)

  4. […] risks. So this morning we dropped her off to have the surgery. We’ve done this before. She had another large fatty tumor removed in 2013. This tumor isn’t as big, but will likely be as involved of a recovery. I’ll work from […]

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