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The teen years will kill me

on January 8, 2013

Sunday afternoon as we were baking, Delaney was first to bring a stool over and be ready to help. I gave her a spoon to stir with and immediately Caden started whining that “she NEVER gets to help!” Delaney immediately said that Caden could crack the egg and add the sugar. As well as the next two ingredients because Delaney wanted to make sure Caden had plenty of turns.

That evening as they were getting ready for bed, they were getting their baby dolls ready for bed as well. They put pajamas on them, and then wanted to put them in their sleeping bags. Caden started crying because Delaney had the purple sleeping bag and she wanted it. Delaney immediately handed it over. I stepped in because no! Crying will not get you everything and seriously, it’s a sleeping bag! I held my ground until they went to bed, but Delaney had already told me she would give her the purple sleeping bag as soon as they were alone. Why? Because she wants to make her sister happy, that’s what friends do.

I love that Delaney’s heart is so big, but I hate that Caden cries and Delaney immediately gives her what she wants. It’s just a bad cycle to get in. Also? Fast forward 10 years to their teenage years and I can only imagine the fits Caden will pitching to get what she wants.

I love Delaney’s big heart and I don’t want her to lose that, so I think I need to concentrate my efforts on changing Caden’s behavior. Ideas? You get what you get and you don’t get upset? Ideally, we would never get to the crying, but both girls are in a “I want it now so give it to me now!” phase. This is a phase isn’t it? I’m sure if I just reason with her logically, she’ll totally get it.

One response to “The teen years will kill me

  1. LauraC says:

    It is definitely a phase. My gut says to stay out of it, bc they need to learn to work these things out. Delaney may not actually care about getting the purple bag, you know?

    Age 6 has been rough at our house because Alex is finally standing his ground against Nate and WOW there have been some epic fights.

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