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Princess Dresses Photo shoot

on January 4, 2013

Source: via Erin on Pinterest


I pinned this image a few months ago. I loved the idea of doing a photo shoot in their princess dresses to really capture that piece of childhood. I’ve kept this thought in the back of my mind waiting for the right moment. A few weeks ago the girls put their best princess dresses on to play dress up, and it just so happened to be the middle of the afternoon!

I know the point of inspiration is to take it and make something new, but at this time of year, I’m just happy to pick up my camera. I decided to try to recreate it at least initially, and then go from there. This would force me to find the good light in my house, which is something I definitely need to work on.

I usually go for the living room, but this time of year we get better light in the back of the house, so I dragged the girls into the dining room. Perfection.

princess 1

I had Caden start with an eyes closed shot. While she looks very serene here, it just isn’t her.

princess 2

A smile. That’s my Caden.

princess 3

Delaney and her eyes closed shot. I had more issues with getting Laney’s shots set up. Her dress wasn’t as voluminous, and wouldn’t spread out to really encompass the whole shot.

princess 4

I actually cropped this quite a bit, but I love it. This is definitely a Delaney smile.

2 responses to “Princess Dresses Photo shoot

  1. Lesya says:

    amazing pictures! Very princess-like

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