The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Winter Recital

on January 3, 2013

In the middle of all of the holiday happenings, the girls winter dance recital got lost in the shuffle. Truly, when I say recital I use that term very loosely. Their ‘recital’ was at their normal class time, and was held in a larger room at the studio. They showed a few of the technique things they are working on, and then performed the two routines they’ve been practicing. The thing about both routines is that they really drill the basics of ballet and tap, so as they practice they are learning the foundation steps. And! We got to see their costumes for the spring recital! Two! Gorgeous sparkly costumes. Very excited.


Their teacher told them to wear something festive and fun, so Delaney asked to wear her dance costume from the spring. Perfect idea!


My parents brought them flowers, which they loved.

Every week I watch their dance class, so I knew all of the moves but had never heard the words. This is such a cute song! You can also definitely tell that not all of the kids have the same ‘passion’ for dance. Even with my two, Delaney practices at home all week, Caden gets distracted and bored by the end of the class.

Love this tap routine! We practiced what I could remember at home, but they really picked up on the steps as they got closer to the recital. Step ball change was difficult, but they both got it down!

I can’t say enough good things about the new studio we’re at! The teacher is so great, everyone is so professional, and the girls are learning so much. I also think it’s huge that there are older girls in classes while the girls are in class. They see girls in pointe shoes and girls doing leaps and turns every week. It’s nice to see what they’re working towards.

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