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Happy Family

on January 2, 2013

new years

I’ve seen a few bloggers choose a word or a phrase for 2013. Things like Hope or Simple. I like that idea. This year I don’t have any earth shattering goals or new ideas, I like the idea of choosing one word to focus our year.

After the neighborhood New Year’s Eve party, the girls and I did a countdown and a cheers to 2013. I asked them to pick one word that they wanted 2013 to be. Caden immediately said ‘Happy’, then quickly said ‘Happy Family’.

I immediately loved it. Happy Family! So perfect.

At dinner last night we talked about ways we could be a happy family this year. The girls wanted to create our own prayer to say before meals, so we did that together making it about God, the food, and our happy family. It was nice to have somewhere to really go with the prayer, rather than just piecing it together.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest


I saw this on Pinterest that afternoon and it completely hit home with me.  We talked about things we would forgo spending money on, so we could instead spend time (and money) other places. For instance, not always asking for treats or Starbucks when we’re at Target, so we can go to the big zoo again. We also talked about the types of clothes they really like to wear, so we can concentrate on those for summer and I can stop buying the other stuff (more dresses, less shorts).

It’s good, because we’re in this as a family. When it gets to be decision time on do we go out to eat? Or do we save our money for a trip to San Diego so Caden can finally see a real live panda? The decision is much easier, and it’s made as a family.

One response to “Happy Family

  1. Laura Case says:

    Still love this so much!
    And I think they have live pandas at the DC zoo!

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