The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

The day after

on December 27, 2012

My parents have two Christmas trees – one upstairs, one downstairs. Last year we opened presents downstairs and I have the worst pictures ever from that Christmas. I had to use the flash, I had no room, and I think I missed most of the present opening. This year I lobbied to do presents upstairs and it worked out so much better.

xmas 1

Last summer we had one ‘pajama dress’ that the girls fought over, so they each got a new Minnie nightgown from Santa. He also came through with Minnie Mouse slippers.

xmas 2

As well as the much begged for Dreamlite! (Although only one, they will have to share.) They could not believe Santa knew exactly what they wanted!

xmas 3

Right down to a tiny pink guitar for Caden. She was thrilled! Laney confessed last night that she should have also asked for a guitar because she would really, really like one. I maintained that one would be more than enough for our household.

In case you’re wondering, four seemed to be the age when it turned from happy present opening to greedy present opening. From the moment they woke up Christmas Eve morning until the last present was opened on Christmas day, they were manic about presents. When? When could they open another one? How many? When? We had to have many talks about being thankful for what they had gotten, and about slowing down and enjoying each present as it was opened.

Oh! The iPods! Oof were they a hit. Oddly enough, the girls spent all of Sunday asking for my phone so they could play my games or have a dance party with the music on my phone. I could not wait for them to open them! I had put a few songs and games on, and then we added more last night. They love them, but it’s clear there will need to be rules around them. Otherwise, they will play them nonstop.

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