The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Putting it all together

on December 18, 2012

I was treating Delaney’s sleep deficit and Caden’s scary dreams as two separate things, when really they were very much tied together. I realized this very clearly the other night.

It was 10:00pm and the girls had been quiet, so I assumed they were asleep. Except, when I got upstairs I could hear them talking. I went into their room to find out what was going on and Delaney immediately started sobbing on her bed “But Caden wanted me to snuggle with her! I just want to sleep!” The next night I checked on them even earlier. I knew Laney was exhausted and I wanted her to get some sleep. Once again she started crying “Caden keeps talking and I just want to make her happy!”

Without a nap during the day, Delaney was falling asleep within 15 to 30 minutes of going to bed. Except now, Caden is afraid to go to sleep because she thinks she’ll have bad dreams, so she chats up her sister and keeps her awake. I refuse to sit in their room or intervene too much, so we talk a lot about letting our sister sleep, and having good bedtimes. I’m also keeping an eye on the clock and checking in on them if I think the shenanigans aren’t shutting down.

Caden has had two nightmare free nights, so I’m hoping that will give her some sleep confidence. She’s also slept in her own bed both of those nights, so I took her to Starbucks as a reward. Of course I have early morning meetings coming up, as well as a babysitter one night, so I’m sure our upward trend will get tripped up soon.

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