The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Tiny Bits

on December 14, 2012

* We’ve been reading our Christmas books every night and talking about how Christmas isn’t about presents, but about giving to others and being with family. It’s not working yet, but we’re trying. I also need to find out when the Grinch cartoon will be on again since several people mentioned that.

* Delaney took a nap on Thursday and wow was she a fabulous child that evening. So nice! So pleasant! No meltdowns! I’m now even more convinced she needs more sleep than she’s getting, but need to figure out how to make that happen. I think their new bedtime needs to be 7:30, in the hopes they fall asleep before 9:00pm. Daycare also moved her nap spot, so hopefully she will go back to napping.

* I feel like everything is hitting at once. At work we’re office planning, account planning, and project planning. At home I’m holiday planning, going to birthday parties, trying to finish my shopping and wrapping presents. I’m stressed! I know (mostly) what I need to do, it’s just trying to figure out when I’m going to get it done. I may need my babysitter for more than two hours next week to get everything accomplished.

* I’ve seen many, many procedures done on my kiddos. From the NICU to the pediatrician to Caden’s surgeries, they’ve been through a lot and I’ve remained stoic through it all. And yet I seriously thought I was going to faint when I saw the novocaine needle poking into my tiny girl’s mouth yesterday, when she had a cavity filled. That thing is huge! Between that and the drill I thought I might loose my cookies.

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