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Scary Dreams

on December 13, 2012

My girls have had nightmares for ages. They come and go. I’m sure if I really tracked them I would notice if more activity or food or something possibly triggered them, but these days that seems a futile task since they are seemingly happening every night.

Nightmares trigger two things for my kids. First, they end up in bed with me because they’re scared. Second, they don’t want to go to sleep the next night. So often I hear “I’m scared to go to sleep! I have bad dreams as soon as I close my eyes!” I’ll be honest, very often I write this off as a procrastination attempt.

girls in bed

The past two nights when I checked on the girls, I found them both snuggled up in Caden’s bed. This has never happened before (they’ve snuggled together in my bed, but never crawled together into one of their beds) and I thought it was so cute! When I asked Caden about it in the morning she said she was scared, so Laney crawled into her bed to keep her company.

So here’s my question. Is there anything I can do? Because a) I’m tired of sharing my bed with both of them every night and b) if there is a way I can make them feel safer in their room I obviously want to do that. Caden claims her nightmares are of Monsters. Delaney is vague. They don’t think there are monsters in their room, but they are scared to close their eyes because they will instantly fall into a bad dream.

4 responses to “Scary Dreams

  1. Julie Howard says:

    Do they have a nightlight? Usually that’s seen as a good thing, to let them see there are no monsters, but when I was a kid, I found mine just cast really strange shadows around the room and scared me.

  2. Amanda says:

    Claire has one of those dreamlight things, and it seems to have stopped her from waking Joel up in the middle of the night as often.

  3. […] was treating Delaney’s sleep deficit and Caden’s scary dreams as two separate things, when really they were very much tied together. I realized this very clearly […]

  4. […] the girls were younger I would occasionally find them snuggled in bed together. They both have frequent nightmares, and their sister snuggling in with them was the best antidote […]

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