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Kids + Snow = The Best!

on December 10, 2012

laneys now

We got our first big snow of the winter, and it is an epic snow! The girls had been down at my parents house overnight, and so didn’t see the big snow until they were back at our house around 2pm. At that point, we probably had 12″? They predicted 3-5″ – not even close! (And it’s still snowing as I type this…)

caden snow

After the driveway and steps were cleared, we got our sad sled out and sledded down the front hill. Our neighbors saw us out, so we decided to hit the golf course behind their house for the good sledding! Caden kept calling them the golf mountains, it was hilarious. It’s the perfect hill for sledding though. Nice and easy, and virtually no other kids around to worry about. We stayed out until my legs were jelly and our coats were soaking wet, and then headed in for hot chocolate. It was a perfect afternoon, can’t wait to do it again!

One response to “Kids + Snow = The Best!

  1. Laura Case says:

    It seems pretty insane to me that we were on the beach in swimsuits in 75F on Sunday while you guys were in snow. I hope we are in the some global warming pocket here!!

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