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Holidazzle Adventure

on December 7, 2012

With all of the people doing Elf on a Shelf and an activity a day for Advent, I was starting to feel like I was chucking the girls Christmas memories out the window just like I did their fall memories. But then I remembered we do a lot of Christmas things! We baked, we put up a tree, we decorated. And I had more up my sleeve.

More being mostly the Holidazzle parade. It’s downtown, just a few blocks from our building, so it’s absolutely silly for us not to go. However, it’s at night, it’s cold, and I’ve never been, so while I’ve always meant to go, somehow I just never made it. Until this year!

I picked last night because it’s been warmish lately, and it’s supposed to snow this weekend. I figured it would be easier to do before there was snow on the ground, and less people on a Thursday night. I was right on both counts.

laney parade

We all had warm, cozy boots on, scarfs, hats, mittens, and a blanket to sit on. We ate dinner at Pizza Luce and then walked the few blocks to the parade route. We were going to sit at the end of the parade route, and a coworker had said the parade moves slow (not true) and that it would take a while to get to us (also not true). We had to run the last block because we saw floats going by already at 6:40.

caden parade

Caden was so excited for the first few floats that went by. Everything is lit up and we were sitting in a spot where no one was around us, so we could see everything perfectly. She smiled and was so happy! And then the Wizard of Oz float came by, with the Wicked Witch on a bike. She freaked out. Hid behind me for the rest of the parade. Delaney and I loved it though. So pretty and so festive. I would totally go back and do it again now that I know the drill, but Caden has forbidden it. Hopefully she forgets about the scary characters before next year!

One response to “Holidazzle Adventure

  1. Kathy says:

    A wonderful Christmas tradition for my city girls! Caden— you are so silly!

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