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A tale of holiday decorating gone wrong

on December 5, 2012

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we had planned to put up our tree. We put the Elf DVD in, I trekked the tree in from the shed, and the ornaments in from the garage. Only to realize our tree stand was missing. I spent the next two hours going from the shed to the garage and back again looking for the damn thing. I always put it in the garage, but maybe I put it in the shed for some reason? I couldn’t come up with any reason why I would, but I tore apart both as best I could. How can you lose a tree stand?!

Google told me Home Depot carried replacement artificial tree stands, yet a trip there revealed only blank stares when I asked about them. Ditto the trip to Target (which was preceded by a stop in Starbucks to try to find my good mood). Back home we went to order one off of Amazon.

This whole ordeal was maddening. While I was looking for the tree stand, the girls were going through the ornaments, finding all of their personalized ornaments and laying everything out. They were devastated to have to put it all back in the box, but things were somewhat saved because we at least decorated the house.

The tree stand arrived, and we put the tree up Friday night I think? Either way, Caden proclaimed that our house was not decorated enough. It did not look like Christmas. I feel bad. We don’t do lights on the outside of the house because I don’t have any good spots to plug them in, and the girls are at a place where they *really* want lights up. Next year we’ll figure something out, but for this year I figured I could try to make the house look like the magazine picture Caden liked.

I taped some red velvet ribbon around the front windows, and it promptly fell down. Yay. I took a different angle and hung extra ornaments up in the window using thread. They looked so pretty, hung at different heights in the window! Caden said it was still broken, but whatever. Decorate yourself next year! Ten minutes later the first ornament crashed to the ground. Followed by another. Oops! Thread taped with scotch tape doesn’t hold so well! During the night I heard another three crash. It took another 24 hours, but all but two fell, crashed, and broke all over the floor.

On Sunday I took the girls to Target to pick out some new decorations. Caden chose the tackiest green/silver tinsel garland she could find, but it made her happy so I bought it. We also bought two red bows and went home to make it happen.

xmas 2012

Caden was very particular about how she wanted the garland along the bottom of the window, so that it went all the way around. Everything is holding now with masking tape, but I fear that won’t last long. At least I love our skinny tree. It’s a little droopy on the bottom, but all the lights work!

I used to think I was good at decorating, but maybe that was just when I was redecorating a lot? Or maybe it’s more that I know what I don’t like. Anyway, next year I’m outsourcing this to my parents. My mom and Caden can decorate the inside, and my dad and I can figure out how to get lights up on the outside.

4 responses to “A tale of holiday decorating gone wrong

  1. This was a fun post Erin and I think the decorations look wonderful

  2. LauraC says:

    Jon and I have definitely gotten rid of some decorations that just don’t work in our house.

  3. Lisa says:

    At least you take great lit Christmas tree pictures! I LOVE that skinny tree Ernie…it is perfect!

  4. Kathy says:

    It’s beautiful, but I am all in for next year.

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