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Bake Day 2012

on December 3, 2012

It was time again to head out to my aunt’s house for our family’s annual Bake Day. I look forward to this day every year!

bake day

The girls were awesome helpers! They love to be helpful and took on any task they could.

bake day-2

My cousin’s wife commented that as soon as my kids see the camera come out they turn and smile.

bake day-3

So true.

bake day-8

My mom had the girls do snowmen nutter butters. You dip the nutter butter in white almond bark, use orange tic tacs for the nose, m&ms for buttons, and black icing for the eyes and mouth. Their baking entry won first prize! They won a candle for their prize and Delaney has already declared it her candle, and that she is the only one to blow it out.

bake day-7

My mom made a batch of cookies where you press pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough into tiny muffin tins, bake, and then pipe in melted chocolate & peanut butter chips. Caden could not get that cookie into her mouth fast enough! Definitely her favorite.

bake day schedule

We got a lot of baking done, although next year I’m lobbying for more vintage recipes. We need peanut blossoms and gingersnaps in there!

bake day-10

2 responses to “Bake Day 2012

  1. Angie says:

    What fun! We have our family baking day next weekend & I always look forward to it – I’m sure my boys (2 1/2) will love to help out for a little bit, at least – they love being in the kitchen with mommy!!

    Are these recipes secret or can I get a couple?

    This will be my first year Christmas baking after finding out (last April) one of my son’s has a peanut allergy – so that kind of puts a re-vamp on our Christmas goodies list!

    I’m so interested in the Andes Mint Pillow, Rolo Cake Mix Bars, Pitachio Fudge & Peppermint Chex – since they sound like things that are safe for me to make.

  2. […] was time to do some holiday baking with the family again. This is an annual tradition for our family that everyone looks forward to. It’s always a crazy day, but it’s so […]

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