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Go Deep

on November 16, 2012

Last week I read an article on one of my favorite personal finance blogs. It was about learning life lessons from a sushi master chef. One of the lines in the article resonated with me and every day since, I keep coming back to it. It seems to me that Jiro increases his creativity by going deep, rather than wide.

I’ve talked before about narrowing my focus and realizing I don’t have to do everything. As I continue to slog through that journey, go deep kept coming back to me. I love photography, but I’m not making an effort to go deep. I love sewing, but I’m fumbling around most of the time. I want to go deep! I want to stop being jack of all trades, master of none.

Oddly enough, cooking is the one thing I’ve gone deep with. I narrowed our meal choices by removing gluten and most grains. That was the single best thing I could have done for my cooking, and my body. Narrowing our choices means I’m cooking the same things over and over again. Slowly tweaking them, perfecting some, but ultimately realizing what works for our family and what doesn’t, and then sticking to what works.

And so, it’s time to go deep elsewhere. I want to flex my creative muscles and to do that, I’m going to need to learn more about photography, more about sewing. No more flailing on my own, that isn’t getting me anywhere.

First up, a sewing class. The winter has less light, so it makes sense to concentrate on sewing first. I found a local place that offers sewing classes. I’m familiar with the basics, so I’ve decided on the tunic class to start off with. Maybe in January?

Next, a ClickinMoms class. Finally! I’ve been contemplating taking one of these classes forever. But they aren’t cheap and I could never commit. Our trip to Florida in March generally relights my photography bug, so maybe April when we’re outside a bit more? I waffled, but I think I want to start with Shooting 101. I’ve been shooting in manual for almost two years now, so maybe it’s overkill but I feel like if I’m going to do this, I should go back to the beginning.

I do wonder if I shouldn’t just pick one and go with that. What’s the point of going deep if you’re spread too thin? If only one can win, it will be photography. We shall see.

ps – anyone want to do these classes with me?

2 responses to “Go Deep

  1. Bobbi Woelpern says:

    You amaze me!

  2. LauraC says:

    I’ve realized my time is limited so I can only go deep on one thing – photography. On the CM front, I would DEFINITELY wait until spring to do it. You need a lot of time to go through the assignments and do homework. With it getting dark so early, you won’t have as much flexibility to get the homework done. All the CM classes are very intensive!! So maybe take the sewing class while you wait?

    Personally I maintain a long to-do list with photography on what I want to focus on, then work on each area at a time. Right now I am SO BURNED OUT that I am taking a break from my to-do list until 2013.

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