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Campfire Cones

on June 12, 2012

While I love a good s’more, the girls always want them until it comes time to eat them. Then they bail and the adults are left to eat the extra s’mores. A month or so ago I pinned Campfire Cones to my Summertime board thinking they would be a great s’mores alternative. Since the weekend was supposed to be hot, perfect time to bust out some summertime things right?

We totally followed the instructions, down to putting the ingredients in a muffin tin! That worked perfectly though, compact and easy to have outside. My mom grabbed marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, toffee pieces, coconut, and almonds.   Other nuts would definitely be good, as would bananas and strawberries.

I made mine in a banana. I wasn’t going to be left out!

Word to the wise, do not put the cones in the middle of the fire and leave them. We tried that first, even though my dad swore up and down they would come out burned. It pained us greatly that they did. Greatly. To get them melty, but not burnt, put them where they get some indirect heat, and turn occasionally. They only need to be in there for a minute or so.

You can however, put the banana in the middle of the fire and leave it. They are much more forgivable as far as heat goes. Mine was melty and perfect!

Everyone loved these! Caden had two, and I totally had to restrain myself from making another banana boat. I think we found a new summer tradition.  (OMG look at how dirty this kid is!  Good thing we threw both of them in the shower before bed.)

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