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Epsom Salt Votive Holders

on November 30, 2011

Pinterest has really made finding family crafts so much easier! The internet was great, but there’s just so many crafty things on pinterest. When Mom said she was looking for a Thanksgiving craft, I knew exactly the one to suggest.

I’d seen these epsom salt candle holders more than a few times. When we searched for it, we found this idea, which was slightly different in that she colored the epsom salts.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest



I said, if you’re going to color the salts, why not add in glitter? So that’s what we did.

To do this craft you’ll need glass candle holders. My mom found these at the walmarts, I would probably hit up the thrift or dollar store. You’ll also need mod podge, epsom salts, food coloring and glitter.

First step, add a few drops of food coloring to your salts and mix it up. You don’t need much. We mixed up red, blue, green, and yellow, and then left a bowl of plain white. I tried to do purple by mixing red and blue, but it just looked like dirt.

Then, put together your plate of salt + glitter. I recommending sticking with glitter the same color as your salt. That’s what turned out the best for us. Also, one of my cousins did stripes of salt. Very fancy!

Once you’re set up, you are ready to mod podge your candle holder. You want a thick coat, but not so much that it’s drippy. It’s important to get enough mod podge on the glass that your epsom salts will stick, because you can’t go back and add more later. We tried, didn’t work.

Once you’re mod podged, roll the candle holder in the salts. Press down a little so the salt sticks. It’s helpful to pack the salt on in any spots that are light. Once the sides are salted, get some mod podge on the top rim and salt that as well.

And voila! You have a snow covered, glittery candle holder!

This was a great craft even for my girls. They needed some help, but they loved picking out the colors and they are great at doing the mod podge. Caden did one that was yellow salt with gold glitter that turned out really beautiful. I used plain white epsom salt, but added in colored glitter and it was not as beautiful. Oh well, they all looked very pretty when lit!

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