The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Wardrobe Strategy

on September 22, 2011

This, minus a pair of shoes I couldn’t find, is what I bought at the MVMOM sale last Saturday. Oh! And a pair of tap shoes for Laney. We have more than enough pants, winter coats, and no need for any toys, so I headed straight for the shoes. Shoes are the area where I’ve noticed the cute stuff goes fast. There’s generally time to get cute clothes, especially if matching doesn’t matter. Both girls have worn their shoes at least twice already, put the puzzles together four times, and read the books. Win! I spent $41, sold $317, so yay there as well.

The bulk of their fall/winter wardrobe came from three shopping trips last winter. I hit the Black Friday Children’s Place sale, highly recommend that one. I got some *amazing* deals there on some really cute things. I also hit my Old Navy when they took 50% off their clearance items. When I was taking the tags off those items most of them were priced at $4, which means I got brand new pants and shirts for $2 or less. That’s better than you can do used, and nothing is shrunk or washed out. The third stop was Target clearance. I found some great deals on some nicer Cherokee tops, as well as some basic pants and other shirts.

Throw in some hand me downs and a few sale things I’ve gotten recently, and we’re set. Sometimes when I finish early like this I’m tempted by the new things that are out in stores, but not this time. I feel like we have just the right amount of clothes, and I know buying more will only stress me out trying to make sure they wear it all.

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