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Mama’s getting her groove back

on August 3, 2011

Running has always been my go to exercise. Back in the day I travelled a lot for work. As long as my running shoes were packed, I could exercise wherever I was. Going for a run was always a good way to explore a city. It was also an amazing way to work out problems in my head. Running kept me in shape and kept me sane.

But lately running has not been easy for me. I signed up for the 500 miles challenge back in January which was great motivation. Except my body couldn’t keep up with it. For every great week I had, I’d need another week for my body to recover. My hips have been aching like crazy, which is a sure sign of some sort of injury. I haven’t been able to be consistent, so when I do run I never really find my rhythm.

Warrior Dash pushed me over the edge injury wise. Whether it was the new shoes, the hills, or running without my orthotics (so! old!), my hips have been really sore. So sore the one run I attempted was quickly aborted. I’ve finally decided that it isn’t normal to down advil after every run, or to have issues just getting out of bed, and that I need to heed the message my body is sending.

Coincidentally, Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD was on sale at Costco last week. I’ve done this workout before and liked it. At 20 minutes it fits into my crazy schedule, plus it will help me build muscle which is what I think I really need to do to stay injury free in the future. I can also do this exercise upstairs with the girls, possibly even while they’re awake? Which would be awesome.

I’ve only done the workout once, but I’m really hoping this will be gentler on my body. I really want to get back in shape since if anything, I’m in worse shape now than I was in January!

One response to “Mama’s getting her groove back

  1. Christina says:

    Jillians *Ripped in 30* is awesome too! Same as 30DS, but it’s a little tougher, and there are 4 levels. 🙂 Good luck to ya!

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