The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Jumping Off

on June 16, 2011

We had our last swimming lesson last Saturday! I can’t believe that session is over already. I liked the class and I could tell the girls learned a lot and improved their floating skills. Every class they would say that they didn’t want to swim, they just wanted to sit by me, but as soon as one got in the pool the other was right behind.

They were definitely the youngest girls in the class, but also the bravest! Delaney was the only kid to jump into the deep end off the swimming platform (where the swimmers start from and dive into the water). You should have heard the dads when she did that! Also, both of them jump into the water without needing to be touching someone’s hand. Impressive. Some of the 6-year-olds won’t even do that.

The thing I’ll miss most about the classes is the nice routine it brought to our Saturday mornings. Class was at 9:00am so we had to get up and get going, no lazing around. After class we bought groceries and were usually home around 10:30. It was nice to have something to get us out of the house early. The next set of classes is a two week session this summer. They’ll swim Monday through Friday from 5:30-6. I’m hoping being in the water every night will move things forward faster. I’d like them to be swimming on their own by the end of the summer. We shall see!

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