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Life with identical twins

Tiny Bits

on January 21, 2011

* Sesame Street Live is this weekend and the girls will be going twice. Once with daycare and once with my mom and me. I’m excited, but also nervous for their first field trip. Also nervous because they are into those glowy spinny contraptions that a year ago they didn’t care about. Better hit the ATM beforehand!

* Caden collapsed into childs pose the other night on the way to the car. I don’t exactly remember why. I think she didn’t want to go home? So I picked her up and carried her, kicking and crying, to the truck. I didn’t realize she had kicked off a shoe until we got home and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’ve checked lost and found in the ramp, but no dice. These are her cute little hot pink sneaks that I love and got for a steal at $19.99 last fall. I thought for surely I could find them on the internets for cheap but again, no dice! In fact, everywhere I’ve looked they are ~$50. I think we’ll make do with the shoes we have until springtime. (Note to my mother – I checked Target and they don’t have anything suitable for cheap either so truly, we’ll make do. She has enough shoes!)

* Caden is super aware of her eyes and the tears. She asks me to wipe away her tears all the time (Once she said “Mama, you wipe my cry?”) and has said her cheek hurts. When they played doctor the other night she wanted to look into my eyes and poked and prodded. It’s going to be a long six months!

* Delaney is still not pooping on the potty, but seems to be very excited when she has an accident at school and I have to do more laundry.

* Tasks for Disney World are being ticked off left and right. CARES harness – rented. Ride from airport – booked. Sunscreen – purchased. But, we are having a small swimsuit issue. All of the suits we try on are either too short, or too gappy in the legs. I posted my dilemma on the multiples board and someone suggested Lands End. You can buy tops and bottoms separately! Be still my beating heart! So I can order the tiny size on the bottom, but still get them the length they need on the top. And I can even get a matching tankini and rash guard so it’s like having two suits in one! I’m way too excited about this.

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  1. Grammy says:

    I had my finger on the mouse button for

    So excited to see Elmo and his buddies!

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