The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on December 21, 2010

Last night, Santa visited our neighbor’s house across the street. It was awesome! He brought presents and everything!

The girls aren’t too sure of Santa, so things like this are awesome. They had time to warm up to him, there was no line to wait in, and by the end even Caden gave him a hug.

We’re hoping to make this a tradition. Time kind of ran out so Pam did it on a weeknight, which actually worked out really well. We never have things on Monday nights, so it was easy to just walk across the street after dinner. I’ve also missed our neighbors! We hang out together so much in the summer when we’re all out in our yards, I miss that.

2 responses to “Santa!

  1. Grammy says:

    This Santa does not look scary at all! What a nice thing for Pam to do.

  2. Jan says:

    Good deal! Santa visited our friends’ house on Saturday. It was great, because, like your girls, Reece is unsure of him. (Jensen has no qualms). He likes to be AROUND Santa, but not forced onto his lap. Win-win!

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