The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on November 3, 2010

First, a story. On the way home last night the girls requested pizza for dinner. I wasn’t really tied to what I had planned, so we detoured and hit the new Pizza Luce. Laney and I go to the Luce downtown, but we always just get the daily slice. I forgot how amazing their pizza is when it’s hot! We were all in heaven. The girls were excited to be out and behaved really well. Even our waitress commented on it. I was very proud of them and it made for such a fun evening. I was also proud of how they attacked and devoured their pizza. Sausage and salami was a hit, and I have two pieces left for lunch tomorrow!

All of the grandkids love my parent’s office. The desk is set up perfectly for coloring or arts and crafts. Plus, it’s a nice, cozy room and I think they like spending time in there. We had a lot to do on Saturday so we got the supplies out and let them go to town. Caden wanted to glue. I said yes. She was incredibly careful and would do small dots of glue on the pieces of paper I had ripped, and then carefully put them on her big piece of paper. She could have glued for hours with nary a mess. Delaney on the other hand, was messier. On the flip side, daycare reports that Delaney could color for hours, while Caden gets bored quickly. She also loves to draw, and spends time every night drawing on the magna doodle. Very interesting.

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  1. Kyla says:


    I’m just sayin’. šŸ˜‰

  2. […] plane saying that Delaney wanted to go out for dinner and they were requesting tacos. Ever since I indulged her once in her request to go out for dinner, she keeps asking for it! They ended up going out for dinner […]

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