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Parent/Teacher Conferences

on October 20, 2010

I had parent/teacher conferences at daycare this morning. I love these meetings. Pick up and drop off seem to happen at chaotic times, so I really look forward to being able to talk to their teacher for 30 minutes in a quiet setting.

The last time we had this meeting was just after the girls moved into their current room. They test the girls on gross motor, fine motor, social, and language skills. The girls had mastered some of the skills, but were still working on a lot of them. This time, they had mastered pretty much everything (notable exceptions were knowing their colors, stringing beads and putting on their coats by themselves). The only one that worries me is knowing their colors. Delaney gets them right about 75% of the time, Caden about 25% of the time. Caden generally just blurts out a color, knowing you want an answer. Delaney is usually thoughtful, but confuses a few of them. It took forever for them to learn the animal sounds, so I’m not surprised by this, yet they know their shapes really well.

On the flip side, they are very advanced socially. They have a large vocabulary and use their words not only with their teachers, but also with their friends. They express their emotions, use their manners, share really well, and are well behaved. They love to help, and get legitimately sad when they can’t. Their teacher also said that if there is a situation, she can usually explain it and they both get it and move on. Her thought was that at this age, their brain prioritizes things and that for them, the higher priority is on the social side of things and that colors just don’t interest them. At some point, it will click for them.

One thing for me to work on is getting them there earlier. We get there right at breakfast time (or lately, about five minutes into breakfast). Delaney jumps right in and eats, but Caden needs some alone time first. She generally heads to the climber or the books, and by the time she’s ready to eat, breakfast is over. I’m hoping if I can get up 15 minutes earlier, we can get there with enough time for her to do her thing and still eat with everyone.

The girls will move up to the next room in December or January. I’m sad because we all love their teachers, but I think it will be a good move. We discussed moving them separately or together. My preference is together. They aren’t dependent on each other at all and have different sets of friends, so for convenience sake, I’d like to deal with just one room.

Their teacher ended the conference by saying how much everyone loves the girls. She said she’s never seen two-year-olds like them. Everyone loves them, they’re so sweet and so funny. It was such a nice thing to hear!

2 responses to “Parent/Teacher Conferences

  1. Sue says:

    What a great conference!! My niece who has the twin boys has them in the same class for preschool. She, too, prefers that. She is a preschool teacher, so I trust she has made the right choice.

  2. I got here via my blog at That photo of your girls makes me smile BIG!! So sweet. Bravo, you’re doing a terrific job as a mama!!

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