The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Tiny Bits

on October 12, 2010

* Delaney has taken to declaring things ‘cute’. Only it comes out more like ‘coot’. She was looking through the Toys R Us ad this weekend and I heard her say “Oh, that’s coot.” When I was changing clothes Sunday morning I asked her if my outfit looked alright and she said “Oh Mommy! That’s coot!”

* After peering into the toilet after Caden pooped Delaney said “Oh God.” Indeed Laney.

* We love the Duck & Goose books in our house. I just bought ‘Duck & Goose find a pumpkin’ and we’ve read it twice now. Last night Caden sat on my lap and read *me* the book. And she got it right! It’s a fairly simple book, but still. She seems to have the ability to memorize things – songs, books – after only hearing them a few times.

* Caden’s eye surgery is tomorrow. I asked her what she wanted for lunch when we got home and she requested chicken and fried eggs.

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