The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

PT Update

on September 9, 2010

Since the last time I posted about potty training, things have been going much better. Number of trips to the potty have greatly decreased, while number of accidents have remained at zero. There are nights like last night when we went out to eat, got groceries, and played at the neighbors where they insist on visiting each bathroom plus our own a few times. But those nights are balanced out by peaceful nights at home.

Caden no longer wears a diaper at naptime (I wasn’t doing it at home, but daycare still was until this week). She poops in the potty like a champ without needing 14 trips to work up the courage. Our final obstacle is night time. About 25% of the mornings she wakes up dry, so I’m doing what I can to motivate that number upwards.

Delaney still wears a diaper at naptime since she’s been fairly inconsistent about waking up dry until recently. I think within a few weeks she’ll have that down though. She’s still very nervous about pooping on the potty. As I told her “Yes, pooping on the potty is hard, but I think you’ll find it rewarding in the end.” AJ, we may be calling you at some point for pooping tips. At least she’s aware of when she poops in her undies now. At first she wasn’t even realizing she had done that, so we’re moving forward.

I had been making an effort to get them to go on the big potty, because I was sooooo tired of rinsing out the little one. But then I’ll walk into the living room and there will be pee in there, and I’ll have no idea who did it since I didn’t witness it and I’ll think, maybe the little potty isn’t so bad! At least they can do it themselves.

I did sticker charts for both girls. Delaney gets a sticker when she wakes up dry from nap, and Caden gets one for waking up dry in the morning. I was going to do Delaney’s for pooping in the potty, but that didn’t seem fair since she doesn’t poop every day. Five stickers gets you lunch with Mom. We’ll see if that is motivational or not!

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