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Potty Day

on June 6, 2010

Friday night I bought a Sesame Street potty seat (note to self – Target does not have a large selection) for the big potty. I brought it out Saturday after nap and we immediately had bare butts and two accidents on the floor. What a start!

I had talked up the undies on Saturday and had a rough plan in my head for Sunday morning. I thought we would do breakfast in diapers and pajamas, and then switch to undies after that. But, Delaney had a different idea. She told me she had to go potty almost right after getting up. She tried, but of course didn’t actually go until she was sitting on a chair in the screen porch. Luckily, there’s a tile floor out there.

After breakfast, Caden got undies on too. I figured I would put them on the potty every hour, but immediately reconfigured that plan to every 15 minutes after another accident. We spent a lot of time sitting on the potties.

Finally it seemed like it was warming up a bit so we went outside. The little potty came out with us and I kept rotating the girls onto it every 15 minutes or so. Caden seemed to make the connection. She would start peeing, and then run for the potty. Delaney got scared when she would have an accident. I think it was the pee running down her leg that got her. She was stressing and saying “No potty, no potty” so I brought her inside, calmed her down and put a diaper on her. She still kept asking to go on the potty, and she seemed a lot calmer. I was not hopeful for our day.

It was difficult to do much of anything because if we weren’t focused on the potty, they would go but not realize it. Caden pee’d while we were watering the flowers and neither of us noticed until 10 minutes later. So, we regrouped to the deck and read the paper.

We did have one success that morning, but I’m not sure if Caden really pee’d or if it was residual water. Either way, I figured some cheering and some M&M’s might spur things on. I should have done a count, but I would guess we went through 8 pairs of undies in the morning? I’ve never been so glad to see naptime in my life.

After nap they both wanted undies on. I tried to get to them while they were still sleepy, because I figured that was my best bet to get them to go. And I was right! Caden pee’d on the big potty (I think she even surprised herself with that one) and got M&M’s. Delaney was in the living room and started peeing so I threw her on the little potty and counted it. Not long after that she had another accident and asked for her diaper. She kept asking for a hug and I felt SO bad. I started wondering if I hadn’t pushed this way too early.

After that, we took it easy. For about 15 minutes Caden sat on the little potty, I sat next to her and Laney was on my lap and we watched tv. When you can’t leave the living room, you start finding things to do. Like pretty tails with bows.

Not long after that Delaney came to me kind of upset and said she needed to use the potty. I stripped off her shorts and diaper and put her on there. She was relaxed, then upset and saying “No potty, no potty!” and I thought We’re done. I hugged her and went in to turn on the bath water. As I picked her up to bring her to the bathroom I noticed she had totally pee’d in the potty! I made a big deal about it and her mood totally lifted.

My mom called at the end of the night and asked how our day went. I told her if I did this for three days she’d need to check me into a mental institution after. And truly, the accidents weren’t bad. I have hardwood floors so they were easy to clean (although every time I mopped the other sister came behind and did a cartoon slip with feet in the air and butt on the ground). But you are on constant alert ALL DAY LONG. I’m glad I did both girls at the same time because I felt like I wouldn’t have gained anything by doing them one at a time. What one does, the other wants to do. It was nice to have Laney in a diaper at times even though she was constantly asking to sit on the potty, just for the mental break.

But, now what? I think if we had one more day of this things would really start to click for them. Daycare has said they will take them to the potty every hour and I’m going to ask them to do that. Delaney seems to know when she needs to go now, so I’m hopeful she’ll speak up. I think Caden is close as well, especially if they take her frequently and let her sit for a bit. They said pull ups work well at this stage and I’m sure they do, but they’re also more expensive and I’d like to either avoid them, or only do them for a short time.

So do I do undies at home in the evenings? Weekends are a little crazy so I’m not sure when we’ll be able to take a day like this and concentrate on it. I don’t want to lose ground, but I want to move forward as well.

7 responses to “Potty Day

  1. Jan says:

    I have no idea…but really it sounds pretty good! *Knowing* when they need to go is such a big deal.

    The sitting with a newspaper shot is awesome…and now I have “Diaper Dance” in my head, thanks. 😉

    • Erin says:

      I feel like we’re so close! And yet so far away!

      Crazy Baby Signing Times songs! They stick in your head forever. (And of course she had to get on top of the potty to sing and dance.)

  2. Yahoo! First day down…Yes, it is mentally exhausting. I did the same thing a while ago and I was totally on edge all day. It went about how your day went. I chickened out and totally backed off. We still did potty but I went back to diapers until over spring break when DD told me no more diapers and she’s been potty trained since. No training involved she just did it. So…I think you CAN “train” them, it is just lots of work. You can always let them wear pull ups at daycare and undies at home. We call the pull ups–princess panties and she wears them for naps and nighttime. Usually totally dry, but it is for my ease of mind. Good luck! Awesome they are doing it together…DS will be a ways off on this one.

    • Erin says:

      If Caden hadn’t been so insistent on new undies every time she had an accident, I would have backed off on her as well. I was surprised by how even Delaney kept asking to go to the potty even with her diaper on. Even last night in bed they were crying because they had to pee and didn’t want to go in their diapers.

      Yours is the second story I’ve heard of girls who just suddenly get it. It keeps hope alive! (I’ve heard that it’s usually the parents who are trained to ask continuously, not the kids who are trained. lol) If daycare had less carpet in their room I would have considered sending them in undies today, but I felt like that was a lot to ask of them at this stage of the game.

      Undies tonight at home! And I really need to order a portable potty for the truck.

  3. Jill says:

    How exciting! I love the newspaper shot and also the standing on top of the potty shot- adorable, if exhausting.

    • Erin says:

      Caden loves to climb! Luckily she has good balance. I should have done a wide shot of the deck. There was newspaper everywhere!

  4. Kathy says:

    C & D – you provide such great entertainment. In a few years you will laugh hilariously about potty training boot camp.

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