The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Crafts? ish

on June 9, 2009


After playing in the rain, we came inside, Laney got new pants and we headed out to the screen porch to color. The nanny had picked up some markers earlier in the week, but the girls hadn’t tried them out yet. I figured a rainy day was the perfect day to do that. In hindsight, maybe that wasn’t the best decision.

Moments after taking this picture, Caden crawled onto the table. It’s what she does these days, crawls on top of things. She actually sat fairly still on the table so it worked out, but I was worried about her falling off the table and Laney falling off the chair, plus markers and crayons were flying everywhere. No one colored but me, but I think that’s how these things go at 15 months.

Here’s what I learned from Saturday. One activity per day. On Saturday, our library outing that morning should have been it. But we also did the rain plus the coloring plus I ran during their naptime so by 4:00pm I was Exhausted. I think of fun things to do and then want to do them, but I need to remember we don’t have to do everything *right* this minute. Some activities can wait!

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