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Happy Easter!

easter 1

easter 2

erin family screen

Even though the trees haven’t found spring yet, it was an absolutely gorgeous day to spend with family!

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caden close

A neighbor stopped over last weekend with his kids and commented that he could tell the girls were growing, that Caden’s face was changing.

delaney close

Of the two of them, I think maybe Delaney’s face is changing the most? They’re both losing their baby fat definitely!


Not Healing Well

photo (5)

Lucy has her follow up appointment this morning. Her surgery was over two weeks ago, so by this time everything should be healed up nicely. Should. There are still two stitches remaining, but the wound from the tumor is not healing well. I’ve kept a sock on her foot, and twice I’ve thought things were healing, but then the sock is off for five minutes and everything is opened back up again. I finally got smart and bought some self adhesive gauze wraps. But, she hated those more than the sock, and chewed them off in the middle of the night.

At this point, I’m hoping to only get yelled at mildly by the vet. Maybe I’ll just get the side eye? There’s no way they’ll be happy. We’re doing the best we can though. She doesn’t tolerate the e-collar, what else can I do?

eta: We did not get yelled at! And we even got my favorite vet. New skin is growing, so she’s happy. I need to keep things wrapped up for at least another week, and we go back in two weeks. If we can get even just a few more days of solid healing without Lucy licking it back open, we’ll be good. Yeah!

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I did it to myself

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to think of what the Easter Bunny should put in the girls’ Easter baskets. The girls can be crazy sugar fiends, so I’ve been trying to think of non-candy items. The problem is, everything I think of, they already have.

* Sunglasses? Check. Got new pairs on one of our Old Navy runs.
* Swimsuits? Check. Got new for their birthday.
* Flip Flops? Check. Bought through Zulily a month ago, they’ve been wearing them since.
* Clothes? Check. They have more then plenty.

I was going to go buy them some books, but I realized they had gotten chapter books in the past, but I pulled them from their bookshelf and put them downstairs. Guess what? Pulling those back out for Easter! They’ll never remember that they already own them. It’s a win for everyone.

But, all of this is a good reminder that the girls don’t need to get things for no reason. I read a blog post once where a mom said her kids never got something for no reason. You need new underwear and socks? Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t want to go that far, but I do feel like the girls a getting a little present greedy these days, and that needs to get pulled back.

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Back at Gymnastics

Last night was week two of gymnastics. We’re doing the community ed class again, because they’re cheap, the classes are small, and I know the kids have fun in between activities, all of which were the girls’ requests.

I have mixed feelings regarding these classes. The instructors are very hit and miss, and we’ve slogged through months where the girls weren’t learning anything new at all. When registering them for this session, I somewhat purposely registered them one level above where I thought they should go. They are relatively coordinated from dance, and I hoped that would help them out. Mostly, I didn’t want to sit and watch while once again, they did the exact same exercises they’d been doing since they were two. So far this year, I haven’t seen enough to know which way this will go. 50/50 it could go either way.

This week the vault was the first apparatus. The kids were supposed to do a tuck jump and get their feet up onto the vault. The older kids could do it. My girls jumped and then threw their entire body against the vault. Oops! She showed them how to bring their knees up to their chest, but the next run they went right at the vault again. I called them over and we discussed knees to chest and their last vault got significantly better. It was adorable, but I wondered if I had made a mistake.

I chatted with the coach after the class and she said they were fine. We’ll work on some things at home. They used to do very good tuck jumps, so I’m hoping they just need to remember some of the skills.

But, I still need a plan for next year. I can keep them in community ed lessons and hope we get a good coach. There is a gym that a neighbor girl goes to which is more than community ed, less than dance, that we could do. And then there is another gym that is more competitive that would probably be a similar cost to dance lessons.

I’d like to keep the cost down, but more than anything I want the girls to enjoy the lessons. I also want them to learn something though, so that needs to be taken into account as well. We’ll see how this session continues, but I’m leaning towards the middle tier gym with the neighbor girl. A friend to take lessons with, but also a more well equipped gym (and I’m assuming better coaches?), plus a friend for me to chat up during lessons.

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Daycare Friends

* We had two birthday parties this weekend, both friends from daycare. My dad was surprised that we still keep in contact with any of them, but there are a few moms from Caden’s room that continue to do things together and I love it. We’re all at different elementary schools so it’s nice to compare notes, and we all became such good friends that it’s fun catching up. Caden was super happy to hang out with her ‘boyfriend’ again. He continues to declare his intention to marry her, but we’ve all agreed they need to be at least 25 for that to happen.

* I’m not really friends with any kindergarten moms except Delaney’s BFF’s mom. I thought about why that was this weekend, but really, we daycare moms became friends while hanging out at all of the birthday parties. We’ve only gone to one kindergarten birthday party, plus, most parties are drop off events now anyway. I need to make an effort to meet these other moms, just not sure how. (PTA?)

* Both birthday parties were active and the girls crashed hard after both. The problem is that they fight that exhaustion and won’t just hang on the couch and rest for a bit, which means we had a lot of emotional breakdowns.

* Also contributing to the emotional breakdowns are the huge growth spurts the girls are going through right now. Caden has clocked in at 37 lbs for a while now, but she weighed herself this weekend and weighs 40 lbs! That’s crazy!

* If I ever say that I’m going to repaint all of my trim ever again, please slap me. This is a never ending project. The trim needs two coats, which is taking forever. It didn’t help that I ran out of paint and it took me forever to get back to the paint store. At this point the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom are all done except for the doors (which I’ll do all on the same day) and a few touches on the windows that I need to do when it’s warmer out. The girls’ room is close as well. I’m debating repainting the trim in my room, since it will take FOREVER. If I squint, that trim looks white enough.

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A Peek at our Week

Caden is desperate to get more money beyond her weekly allowance, so she regularly tries to talk anyone into doing a [insert drink here] stand. All winter long she wanted to do a hot chocolate stand, and she was going to charge $10 per glass. Easy way to make money right? Now that it’s spring, she’s looped her friends into this and they are going to have a big ‘garage sale’ at our house. Her and G are meeting today to determine the drinks that will be sold, but she is pretty sure Delaney will be in charge of the Ice Water stand. Love my little entrepreneur.

And we’re back outside! Unfortunately, it’s still a little chilly in the mornings so you get to see our coats.

april 7

Monday! Delaney is wearing her fall jacket from Old Navy. It’s super cute and warm, although the zipper is wonky. Caden in her Minnie Mouse sweatshirt from Santa.

april 7b

Monday, part two. Mom in the picture! I added a coat by Tuesday.

april 8

Tuesday. Even chillier, so they’re both in their fall coats. Caden even added a hat and winter mittens.

april 9

Wednesday. We went out and bought Delaney a new hooded sweatshirt because she didn’t have one she liked. I love this grey fleece from Old Navy and so does she.

april 10

Thursday. Hoods for everyone. It was 50 when we got on the bus, and while it feels so much better than 30, I went for a run after they got on the bus and it was cold!


Next Food – Refried Beans!

Last week’s food of the week was refried beans. I soaked the beans on Sunday, then cooked them all day in the crock pot on Monday. I had made rice for one meal, and salsa verde chicken for another, so all week long I was eating rice/salsa/beans/cheese/chicken/avocado smash up and it was SO GOOD. I kind of forgot how much I love refried beans! So creamy. Luckily, Delaney realized she likes them too. Caden, not so much, but I’ll bring them out again and again so hopefully that will change. I’m hoping these will be great for their lunches, good protein and fiber.

We went out to lunch one day and one of the sides was rice and black beans. Delaney loved both, so now I’m on the hunt for more great bean recipes. Our tex mex week worked out well last week, so I will happily repeat that with some new recipes. I’ve been combing Homesick Texan’s site and have a few pinned already.

This week’s new food is craisins. I have to send two snacks every day this summer and I’m hoping to be able to make big batches of trail mix for one. Raisins are very hit or miss, I’m hoping they like craisins and I can include those.


Not how I wanted to start my week

Yesterday morning I could hear Lucy licking her paw, which couldn’t mean anything good. I looked at it and realized she had gotten out at least three of the stitches, only two remained. We hauled her to the vet after the girls got off the bus and sure enough, they wanted to put her under anesthesia to suture things up again. OF COURSE THEY DID.

I like my vet, but they want to do every surgery, every everything. Yes the wound is open, but put her under? Really? Delaney only needed topical lidocaine for her stitches! After getting lectured for not making her wear her e-collar, I flat out told her no. She got an injectable antibiotic shot ($109!!) and we were on our way. Lucy will now be wearing a sock over her foot for the foreseeable future.

As I’m paying, I asked the girls to walk Lucy over and get a basket so we could get her more canned food. Caden got wrapped up in the middle of things and almost tripped, and then Lucy decided to say hello to all the people. The vet tech ladies thought it was all hilarious. Welcome to my circus.

On the way to the food we passed the cats and yikes, there was a very pretty kitty in there that looked like a grey/white version of Madison. I snapped her picture just in case I change my mind about getting another cat. The card said she likes to cuddle…


Fresh Air

I had two bridal showers this weekend so the girls headed down to my parents’ house for a little grandparent time. They came back up Sunday afternoon and with perfect timing, it turned into a beautiful day. By the time I got back home the bikes were out! I have high hopes that *this* will be the summer biking is fun for everyone. Cross your fingers.

bikes redo

I considered trying to edit Caden’s mustache out, but I’m not that good. This is what happens when you’re playing outside and have a runny nose I guess! ETA: I have the best friends! Thank you Kyla for cleaning her up.

bikes 2

bikes 3

bikes 4

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